​​​​Dunthorpe Garden Tour​

About the tour...

About Dunthorpe & Riverdale...

​architect A.E. Doyle. The school soon became the heart of the Riverdale community, housing an exceptional K-8 program. In 1991 Oregon enacted a law requiring all school districts to provide K-12 education.

The Riverdale community came together to support the creation of a high school program. Riverdale High School opened its doors in 1996 and quickly became a model for families seeking an outstanding small high school experience. After nearly 90 years, the K-8 program outgrew the little brick school. The new K-8 school, completed in 2010 maintains the classic facade that was the hallmark of the Doyle schoolhouse. Inside, the facilities contain the latest innovations in school design, integrating media and technology throughout the classrooms.

Today, Riverdale School District serves over 400 families from the surrounding neighborhood and greater Portland Metro area. The award winning educational programming, and powerful community involvement continues to attract families to the District and the neighborhood. 

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Dunthorpe Garden Tour history:

The tour began in 1971 and remained a cherished neighborhood tradition until 2002. The Dunthorpe Garden Tour returned in 2013 to honor the 125th anniversary of Riverdale School District. After five years of dormancy, the tour returns this year on May 20, 2018 with four remarkable private estate gardens, along with the Riverdale Grade School Outdoor Learning Garden where light refreshments will be served. The tour promises to delight master gardeners and novices alike. Souvenir programs are included with garden descriptions and plant lists for each garden. More than 100 volunteers work on the tour that benefits the 501c3 Riverdale School Foundation which financially supports K-12 educational programming and instructional staffing. 

About Riverdale School District:

Riverdale School District began in 1888 with fifteen students in a one-room schoolhouse. In 1920 the growing District moved into a new brick building designed by Portland